From the simplest thing, like a coffee morning with friends, to a sponsored walk or fundraising dinner, you can make a difference by organising your own event.

You just need to get people around you involved. That might be your family, friends and neighbours or perhaps the school you have children at, the community group you are part of or company you work for.

We can help you, providing hints and tips from other people and our own experience. We can also provide some materials that can help. We will also make sure you have plenty of meningitis signs and symptoms cards to give out as you fundraise – just think, you will not only be helping us raise vital funds but you could be saving a life by raising awareness of meningitis.

Please help us – just contact Alison Williams on, by calling 07802 884494 or complete the form here.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Alex was made the first Young Ambassador for the Meningitis Trust – a job he loved to bits. “Believe and Achieve” was Alex’s motto in life.