We need your support

Our work is only possible because of the help you give us. We receive no government funding and need your help to raise the funds that we use to help to change lives and raise awareness of meningitis in and around Greater Manchester.

You can help us raise funds by joining in Believe & Achieve’s own events or organising your own event. You can raise funds in your local community, at work or at nursery and school. And all the fundraising is a great opportunity to raise life-saving awareness of meningitis.

You can volunteer some of your time – whether you have an hour occasionally or are able to help on a regular basis, you will be making a huge difference.

Make a decision today to “Believe and Achieve” – believe that you can make a difference and then be part of seeing that difference being achieved.


A donation, no matter how small, will help us continue our work, helping more children “believe and achieve” and raising awareness of meningitis.