Sunday 16th September 2018 / Family Day

April 7, 2018
Believe & Achieve Coaching Squad
September 20, 2018

On Sunday 16th September 2018, we held our first ever Believe & Achieve Trust family day which resulted in a fantastic success!

17 children came along with their families, all of which coping with their own challenges and disabilities, ranging from Meningitis after-effects, Autism and Bullying. The attendees got involved in a plethora of fun activities such as archery, plate spinning, basketball and football which helped the children realize their potential! Watching their parents beam with pride as they watched their children join in with no barriers in their way was the most satisfying part of the day by far.

In the afternoon, they painted T-shirts, mugs, and stones and proudly showed them off to their parents, grandparents, and volunteers. They absolutely loved having their faces painted and adored the balloon creations made just for them.

Our family day isn’t only about the children, we understand the hardships parents must go through. During the day the parents that had arrived shared their stories, helping each other with advice regarding schooling, social interactions, and separation anxiety. It’s of utmost importance people realize that they are not alone, and can confide in other parents that are facing the same challenges.

Tia, autistic, aged 8 wrote: ” If there was a family day every month I’d be over the solar system!”

Gary, Father of 3, his eldest child suffering from after-effects of meningitis said: “It was great to be brought together with people that can help you, but most importantly we can offer help to each other.”

At the end of the day, to top off the amazing event, we had the chance to dress up as Father Christmas to dispense presents to the children that participated thanks to a generous donation from Morrisons which left beaming smiles all around.