The Believe and Achieve Trust was set up to continue the work of the most inspirational young man, Alex Williams.

When Alex was seven he contracted meningitis and ended up on a life support for months, fighting for his life. From the day Alex came out of intensive care his life changed. He ended up in a wheelchair with lots of after effects. Life was hard but it didn’t stop Alex from doing what he set his mind too.

We're passionate about making a difference

Saving lives by raising awareness of meningitis

From speaking at schools and colleges to distributing meningitis symptom awareness cards in supermarkets. We believe in the importance of raising people's awareness off the illness, how to spot the signs and symptoms, to trust their instincts and to act fast if they suspect meningitis

We can't achieve all that we do without your support, and there are many different ways you can get involved.


Alex was made the first Young Ambassador for the Meningitis Trust – a job he loved to bits. “Believe and Achieve” was Alex’s motto in life.